Colorado Short Sale Process

Colorado Short Sale Process And How It Will Work For You

Colorado Short Sale Process

By working with me as your short sale realtor, you can rest assured knowing that our methods of completing the Colorado Short Sale Process are tried and true. We believe in honesty and respect. We have many years of experience that have helped us refine our process to be as effective as possible.

Our main objective is to make your financial situation as non-stressful as possible. We will help you keep your finances afloat with the overall goal of avoiding foreclosure.

Keep browsing our website to learn about our demonstrated short sale process, and contact us today to figure out how a Denver Short Sale Attorney can help you every step of the way.

11 Essential Steps To A Successful Colorado Short Sale Process


We do this to get a clear understanding of the client’s situation. This always starts with a phone interview to immediately determine what the next best step will be.


When we talk about our client’s short sale alternatives, we gather a full set of information comparable to that which is required by the mortgage company itself. We ask for information that most lenders want, and we determine whether or not the short sale seller meets specific guidelines before starting the short sale process. The data we accumulate give us an improved look into the situation and permits us to provide better responses to our customers. The information gathering phase allows us to figure out the next best step.


Assuming that our clients choose to proceed with the Colorado Short Sale Process, we meet to talk about what is included in a short sale transaction. The meeting gives our clients the opportunity to get to know our team and for us to progressively meet and get to know our clients. 


Our aggressive marketing methods are prevalent and are a vital part of our demonstrated Colorado Short Sale Process. The most imperative component in listing a short sale is making sure that the home is listed at a proper price. We do our best to evaluate each short sale accurately from the beginning, and if the sector moves instantly, we change adjust the price immediately.


Just like any other selling process, it is essential to make sure the buyer is ready to go through the entire transaction. With the Colorado Short Sale Process in place, additional angles and strategies must be considered. On top of the forms that are required by state, we must ensure that each client is protected with an AS IS addendum along with the Short Sale Addendum.


Once all the relevant terms of the offer are discussed and agreed upon, the buyer and seller enter into a contract of sale and we move on to the next phase of the short sale process.


The short sale package submission is by far one of the most critical steps involved with a short sale transaction. Many short sale packages are greater than 100 pages long and include several key forms and many other supporting documents that help complete the short sale process. This step sets up the stage for how quickly a lender will consider the short sale. If an agent fails to provide the right information, a short sale can go unnoticed or be disregarded for months at a time. 


For our clients, this is one of the most important elements involved with the entire short sale process. Our licensed loss mitigation partners will gather the necessary information which is provided to our clients.


Once a short sale approval is in hand, you can finally feel at ease.


This is the time when the short sale buyers oblige to their obligations and preliminary agreements.


Granted that the short sale is finished, our work as short sale brokers does not stop. We are here for our clients to help them with any matters that may arise post-close.

We have the ability to put our clients in touch with the right professionals to answer any of their inquiries. Above all, our group of short sale experts is here for you when you need our services, with answers to any short sale questions.

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