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Jeff Corporon Denver Short Sale Realtor & Attorney

Denver Short Sale Attorney

Experienced Denver Short Sale Attorney Jeff Corporon, with Corporon & Associates LLC, Attorneys at Law, began his real estate career in 1994 as an investor prior to receiving his license. He then began representing clients as a broker in 1998. Jeff is currently the senior broker for Brix Real Estate, LLC specializing in opportunities for investors, short sales and analysis of properties.  Jeff incorporates his education as a Denver Short Sale Attorney with every transaction and still believes that the real estate market is one of the best alternatives within the marketplace for investing today.

In 2003, Jeff successfully completed his first short sale as a Denver Short Sale Attorney before the term short sale was even given a name within the real estate industry. Jeff has a passion for real estate that goes beyond his occupation. He also contributes to several charities and enjoys spending time with his wife and three children as well as as enjoying the outdoors.

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